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Gardening is just one area of Household Tasks that we assist our clients with. It includes, mowing lawns, pruning and weeding etc and is carried out on an as needed basis.

Household Tasks

Another area of Household Tasks  includes assistance doing ironing, sorting and folding clothes etc, this eliminates the burden and worry for those with disability.


We handle many household tasks. If you’re uncertain, or have any questions regarding any area of our services, please call us we’d love to help

Meal Preparation

Another part of Household Tasks is Meal Preparation. We can prepare meals to make life easier and ease the burden of heavy and cumbersome lifting.
This is easily organised with a workable menu and schedule in place. 


We also assist in organising transport
ensuring our clients travel safely, and arrive home safely, be it by private car or various types of public transport.
We liaise arrange and oversee the trip and will travel with them as needed.

Outing Assistance

Our caring staff understand, the needs and difficulties of living with disability. They can accompany clients when they need to go out,  seeing that they are safe, not anxious, and that they arrive home safely.

Therapeutic Support

At Diamond Quality Care our team offers support when there’s a need for increased mobility, help with personal interaction skills, confidence and more. These improvements bring the joy of living a more independent life.

Interpret / Translate

Many clients have diverse cultures and backgrounds, understanding procedures and opportunities can be difficult and often requires translation and interpretation. To make life easier we are able to supply this service through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 

Community Participation

Spending time going on outings is encouraged. It’s an enjoyable activity that makes for an often much needed change of scene, and it’s something to look forward to. Be it a low key sit and a chat or something more involved, it’s definitely a tonic.

Plan Management

Plan Management and the payment of bills can sometimes seem daunting, but we are set up to assist our clients with recurring administration functions and needs that happen. The Diamond Quality Care team securely organises and tracks payments on their behalf.

Disability Education

Everyone can learn, especially young people with educational disabilities. We are well placed to assess and coordinate an program to suit individual needs and expectations.
Satisfaction and results bring added confidence and independence.

Special Accommodation

SDA provides information re specialised accommodation and facilities We encourage spending time investigating the possibilities associated with the diverse array of facilities that are currently available. Please call our office if you would like more information.

Their fulfilment is our satisfaction

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